Heads down this term Year 6!


Posted by | Posted in General News | Posted on 20-01-2014

Hi all,

The Easter term for Year 6; a really important term for our oldest children in school making their highest possible academic progress! We will be working hard on: grammar, spelling, extended writing, problem solving and mental maths. The hard yards need to be put in this term so that we are confident for our SATs in May.
The potential reward following this is:
1. The knowledge that each child leaves school with the best possible academic preparation for secondary school.
2. The opportunity in our final term for a range of exciting and creative activities that will develop our personal and social skills too!

Please all children must:
1. Read at home.
2. Complete any homework.
3. Practise spellings.
4. Practise times tables and mental maths.

Key dates for the term:

10th and 12th of February – The children will attend Whipsnade Zoo on one of these dates. Half the class will go on the 10th, the other half on the 12th.

24th-26th March Residential