Dotty Dinos and Wet Awards


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As you probably know, Yr6 have been to Vue cinema to see… WALKING WITH DINOSAURS!!! It was absolutely brilliant! It gave you a sight into the pre-historic world inhabited by the DINOSAURS! Patchi is a young stegosaurus with a hole in his head (long story) with ambitions for greatness and power to win his love Juniper. His brother, Skylar, takes over the ‘herd’ and lays down some strict ground rules. Without revealing to much, fights happen and the unexpected becomes expected…

On an unrelated note, we would like to congratulate  all of the Yr6 swimmers.

Fish award 3- Erwin

Grade 2- Tilly, Eloise, Alfie, Katrina, Ethan, Milena, Dina, Marley, Thomas and Acacia

12 meters awarded to Lucy M

24 meters awarded to Devanshi

Also most of us got our 50 metres!

Well done to everyone who achieved their goals!

written by Tilly and Eloise, two Yr6s


Water is WET!


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Last Friday Year 6 travelled to Barry Road primary school to swim in Northampton’s oldest swimming pool.

We found out that some of the class can swim amazingly well and the others just need a little practise.

We had an awesome afternoon and can’t wait till Friday when we can go swimming again. And we also found out that water IS wet.

We came up with a song to do with swimming noodles:

“Its raining noodles, hallelujah its raining noodles x3 dun dun dun”



Wrote by  Lucy M, Eloise, Dina and  Mathilda. Year 6 pupils